Vertical Sliding

Vertical Sliders

Our vertical sliding secondary is manufactured and delivered as a glazed up item. Carefully remove the plastic cover trims from the outer frame using a flat blade or Stanley knife and determine the position of your screw fixings (Not Supplied). Pencil mark the aluminium channel usually 100mm from each corner and centred at approximately 300mm centres thereafter face drill the outer frame suitable for your screw fixings.

The frame should be lifted into the reveal, set plumb and level at the desired position from the primary window and care taken that the aluminium sections are correctly packed and supported at the critical positions. It is advisable to initially wedge and pack the window in place whilst it is squared and levelled.

Once the window is set correctly and secured with two or three screws initially it may be advisable to carefully operate one panel checking again that it runs square within its outer frame before final fix is carried out. 
Please note our vertical sliding panels do not tilt in for cleaning purposes.

NB. Face fixing vertical sliders directly to the primary window will restrict cleaning from the inside.

Vertical Sliding