Acryglas XT/Acrylic/Perspex

Glass and Acrylic products can only be delivered on our own vehicles within a 60 mile radius of Carlisle

Acryglas XT® is manufactured by extruding PMMA granules through an extrusion line and die to achieve the size and thickness of the sheet required.

The range includes clears, opals, blacks and tinted colours with specialist grades such as anti-reflective, satin and high-impact also available.

  • Premium quality branded extruded acrylic sheets backed by the Amari Plastics name
  • Globally sourced and used in many demanding markets and applications
  • Available from stock in a wide range of thicknesses
  • Available from stock in a range of imperial and metric sizes
  • Special sizes also available upon request

The differences in the manufacturing process enable the whole range of acrylic products within the Amari product family to be produced with special properties:

Acryglas XT® Impact – a range of impact modified sheet that combines the excellent properties of Acryglas XT® sheet with a higher impact strength that can match polycarbonate. Acryglas XT Impact is available from stock in up to 3 different levels of impact modification.

Acryglas XT® Colours – Acryglas XT® is available from stock in a range of white, Opals, Black and Silicone Glass effects. Other colours are available on request subject to minimum manufacturing quantities. Specific colour matching can also be undertaken.

Acryglas XT® AR – Acryglas XT® is available from stock in a range of clear anti reflective sheets suitable for indoor applications such as picture framing, poster protection etc. where the level of reflectivity is reduced.

A complimentary range of extruded acrylic tubes and rods is also available upon request to your local sales office.

Properties & advantages at a glance
  • Impact resistance
  • Excellent weather resistance
  • Versatile material
  • Easily fabricated and formed
  • Highly transparent sheet with a light transmission of 92%
  • Please Email your requirements for quote
Acryglas XT/Acrylic/Perspex