ForgeFast Eliote Tonque & Groove Flooring Screw

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Protected by Elementech 400.

Specifically designed to fix tongue and groove floorboards to timber flooring joists.

Design ensures no damage is caused when fixed through the tongue.

Reduced head with underhead ribs designed for self-countersinking allowing a flush fit with the next board.

Double cutting point reduces splitting and drive time, capable of penetrating 0.8mm steel.

Firmer fix with reduced drive torque and improved pull-out provided by a serrated cutting thread.

Molecular lubrication reduces friction for easier driving.

Improved countersinking for 6 angled lobes.

Torx® compatible insert for higher transmission of power.

Concealed countersinking from reduced ribbed head.

Anti-split, fast start thread engages quickly to form a rapid pick up at the start of insertion.

Reduced drive torque and no pre-drilling ensures quick installation, whilst the fix remains firm with improved pull-out.