ForgeFast Elite Low-Torque Timber Fixing Screw Green

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These Forgefix flange head single thread Timber Fixing Screws provide and ideal structural fixing solution for joining wooden joists and beams.

They have a green anti-corrosion treated finish, with up to 1,000 hours salt spray protection.

Used on timber and decking construction and, for speed of use, is supplied with a magnetic nut setter.

The 1,000 hour green treated finish offers excellent corrosion resistance to ACQ (Alkaline Copper Quaternary) treated timber used in construction and decking applications.

The Hex Flange head acts as a fixed washer, distributing the load under the bolt head. The Hex head offers optimum torque when used with spanners or sockets.

Single thread screws are designed to offer higher pull-out values and quicker insertion.

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